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Thea Corset


Embrace the delicate charm of Thea Corset, where each strip tells a tale of grace and beauty, allowing glimpses of your radiant allure. Its figure-enhancing silhouette celebrates your curves with poise, exuding an air of confidence and sophistication. The ethereal touch of Thea Corset creates a celestial ambiance, elevating your bridal ensemble to new heights of enchantment. As you walk down the aisle, the delicate strips dance with every step, evoking a sense of movement and grace that will mesmerize all who behold you.

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Unlock a realm of captivating elegance through Thea Corset, a genuine work of art awash in luminous ivory brilliance. Embracing the essence of ethereal wonder, this bralike, see-through corset, embellished with elegantly spaced vertical strips, beckons you to immerse yourself in a tale of timeless romance and heartfelt fascination. Celebrate your individuality with Thea Corset and let it be the centerpiece of your cherished moments. Unleash the allure of timeless romance and create memories that will forever flow with ethereal elegance.


  • Timeless Romance: A corset that embodies the allure of eternal love and ethereal beauty.
  • Ethereal Touch: Bralike see-through design with spaced vertical elegant strips.
  • Luminous Ivory: Radiant hue for a captivating and timeless bridal allure.
  • Figure-Enhancing Silhouette: Celebrates your curves with confidence and sophistication.
  • Celestial Ambiance: Elevates your ensemble to a realm of enchantment and grace.


Additional information

UK Size 06

Hips: 34”/86 cm, Waist: 25”/62.5 cm, Bust: 32”/80.5 cm

UK Size 08

Hips: 35”/88.5 cm, Waist: 26”/65 cm, Bust: 33”/83 cm

UK Size 10

Hips: 37”/93.5 cm, Waist: 28”/70 cm, Waist: 35”/88 cm

UG Size 12

Hips: 39”/98.5 cm, Waist: 28”/75 cm, Bust: 37”/93 cm

UK Size 14

Hips: 41”/103.5 cm, Waist: 31”/80 cm, Bust: 39”/98 cm

Uk Size 16

Hips: 43”/108.5 cm, Waist: 33”/85 cm, Bust: 41”/103 cm

UK Size 18

Hips: 46”/116.5 cm, Waist: 36”/92.5 cm, Bust: 44”/110.5 cm

UK SIze 20

Hips: 49”/123.5 cm, Waist: 39”/98 cm, Bust: 46”/116 cm

UK Size 22

Hips: 51”/130.5 cm, Waist: 41”/105 cm, Bust: 48”/123 cm

UK size 24

Hips: 54”/137.5 cm, Waist: 44”/112 cm, Bust: 51”/130 cm


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