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Aria Top


Indulge in the allure of the Aria Top and let its captivating elegance set the tone for an unforgettable wedding day. With its timeless design and modern charm, the Aria Top is the perfect choice for brides seeking a touch of sophistication and romance. Elevate your bridal ensemble with the Aria Top, and let your love story shine through every captivating detail.

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Make a stunning statement on your special day with the enchanting Aria Top, an exquisite addition to our collection. Designed to complement a long draping skirt, this versatile piece exudes modern elegance and timeless charm, ensuring you are the epitome of grace as you walk down the aisle. Crafted with the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail, the Aria Top features delicate lace overlays that create an ethereal illusion, while the illusion neckline adds a touch of allure to your bridal look.


With a flattering fitted silhouette, the Aria Top beautifully accentuates your figure, giving you the confidence to move with grace and poise throughout your special day. Whether paired with a flowing skirt for a bohemian chic look or a sleek mermaid skirt for classic sophistication, the Aria Top allows you to curate your dream bridal ensemble effortlessly.


  • Delicate lace overlays create an ethereal and romantic feel.
  • Illusion neckline adds an alluring touch to your bridal ensemble.
  • Sheer three-quarter sleeves provide an elegant and modest look.
  • Flattering fitted silhouette enhances your figure and radiates confidence.
  • Versatile pairing options with long draping skirts for a personalized bridal statement.

Additional information

UK Size 06

Hips: 34”/86 cm, Waist: 25”/62.5 cm, Bust: 32”/80.5 cm

UK Size 08

Hips: 35”/88.5 cm, Waist: 26”/65 cm, Bust: 33”/83 cm

UK Size 10

Hips: 37”/93.5 cm, Waist: 28”/70 cm, Waist: 35”/88 cm

UG Size 12

Hips: 39”/98.5 cm, Waist: 28”/75 cm, Bust: 37”/93 cm

UK Size 14

Hips: 41”/103.5 cm, Waist: 31”/80 cm, Bust: 39”/98 cm

Uk Size 16

Hips: 43”/108.5 cm, Waist: 33”/85 cm, Bust: 41”/103 cm

UK Size 18

Hips: 46”/116.5 cm, Waist: 36”/92.5 cm, Bust: 44”/110.5 cm

UK SIze 20

Hips: 49”/123.5 cm, Waist: 39”/98 cm, Bust: 46”/116 cm

UK Size 22

Hips: 51”/130.5 cm, Waist: 41”/105 cm, Bust: 48”/123 cm

UK size 24

Hips: 54”/137.5 cm, Waist: 44”/112 cm, Bust: 51”/130 cm


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